ubi i/o week 4: perseverance

Another amazing week full of achievements for our ubi i/o participants, they’re making great strides on so many levels but don’t tell them, we want them to keep working hard and improving 🙂

So what happened this week?

Managing startup growth

Do you remember? Listen, practice, iterate. It always begins with listening, so did week 4.

On Wednesday, Adiba from SVForum brought some trailblazers in our office: Chris Yeh, VP Marketing @ PBworks; Startup Investor and Advisor, Clint Oram, Co-founder and CTO @ SugarCRM and Eduardo Henrique, Head of USA and Co-Founder @ Movile, Head of Global Expansion @ PlayKids. The speakers shared their stories with our entrepreneurs and guests, which may have been some of the most valuable anecdotes our ubi i/o entrepreneurs will ever hear in regards to their business ambitions. Why? Well the workshop’s title speaks for itself “Managing startup growth” and growth stays an entrepreneur’s main concern. Second, the entrepreneurs who shared their stories managed to create and mold their empire through all the hurdles that were thrown at them, and that in itself is pretty amazing.

Managing your startup’s growth while handling your team can be tough; dealing with hiring new talents and onboarding new clients forces you to keep tabs on everything. As GAFAs (Google Amazon Facebook Apple) are constantly looking to hire successful and motivated employees, Chris gave us advice on how to create & manage your relationships with your teams.

While growing rapidly, it’s easy to lose track of your objectives and goals and forget who you are and what you do in the midst of it all. You need to establish a structure, a process to do your job and not lose sight on the most important thing: serve your customers. That’s what Clint explained throughout his session.

But sometimes your growth objectives stumble into walls, either because of your market or your product . How do you react? How do you pivot? Eduardo’s journey can be defined by the word perseverance. He managed to fail, a LOT, and then eventually found his niche and succeeded in a way that few people ever do.

Pitchforce Night

A few weeks ago, People Connect dedicated a PitchForce night to our ubi i/o program. The event sold out days before the evening, and people were thrilled to discover our startups and their very first public appearance. After a thorough Q&A session and feedback from the panel, Giroptic ended up taking home the prize.

This week’s PitchForce night was another story. Why’s that? Because we only sent 4 of our companies this time around, and they had to face American based startups. This was the perfect opportunity for our French entrepreneurs to compete with local innovators and assess how much they assimilated Silicon Valley’s culture. Seems like Business France’s trade advisors did a great job with their companies as all four of our startups made it to the top 5 giving them the opportunity to pitch on stage. In terms of pitching, the panelists were more than happy to see the dramatic improvements achieved by our entrepreneurs since the first ubi i/o startup pitch night. Our companies did take in consideration all the feedback and advices they received … and from that standpoint they’re only getting better and sharper. HEXO+ won this time around adding another victory to our startup’s track record!

Pitch Pitch Pitch

Thanks to the training they got from Business France, our coaches and all the events they attend to, ubi i/o companies are definitely becoming pitch killers. We’re thrilled to announce that you will be able to see them perform at several occasions during the next few weeks!

On May 28th, Jarvis Legal, Pradeo, BlackFire and Hexo+ will pitch at VCTaskforce.

In order to spice up the competition, 3 top tier accelerators joined us and will bring their best startups to the French American Pitch battleground on June 3rd!

The day after, Evercontact, Adways and HEXO+ will pitch at the World Cup Tech Challenge taking place at the Microsoft campus on June 4th. They will compete in their respective categories: Enterprise Software, Digital Media – Mobile and Next Gen Technology. We’re expecting a lot of new awards to add onto our shelves.

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