Ysance Raises €5M in Series A Funding to Accelerate Expansion of its First-Party Data Management Platform

A big week for the Paris based startup Ysance who announced on September 23rd an impressive €5M Series A funding round led by Creadev, a private equity firm belonging to the Mulliez family.

Thus far, 2015 has been a prosperous year for the French entrepreneurial ecosystem. To date, French startups have raised a striking €759M, and the year is not over!

Ysance is a French leader in Cloud and Big Data consulting, and the provider of an innovative cloud-based first party data management platform: the Digital Data Factory. The company will use this funding to ramp up its R&D efforts and grow its European sales team. Alongside this focus on the European market, Ysance is now ready to hit the U.S.

The Business France team in San Francisco is thrilled to be part of this journey, as we will be accompanying Ysance on their U.S development. Congratulations to the co-founders Laurent Letourmy & Romain Chaumais and their entire team!

Please find the official Press Realease below

Paris, September 23rd, 2015. Ysance, a French leader in Cloud and Big Data consulting, and the provider of an innovative cloud-based first-party data management platform (DMP), has raised €5 million in a Series A round from Creadev, the private equity firm belonging to the Mulliez family, which owns several leading international retailers.

This round of funding will support the company’s research and development efforts as well as expansion of its sales team in Europe. Ysance plans to add 50 new team members in the near future.

For over 10 years, Ysance has been a Cloud and Big Data consulting pioneer in France. The company has helped over 120 businesses from a variety of industries accelerate their digital transformation with custom Cloud solutions comprising best-in-class Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Marketing, and E-Commerce technologies.

As a Cloud integration specialist, Ysance experienced first-hand the limitations of first generation “audience-centric” DMPs. Designed to target particular segments of online ad viewers, these platforms’ capabilities are quickly overstretched when they seek to recognize and address unique individuals across multiple points of engagement, both online and offline.

The Ysance Digital Data Factory DMP was built from the ground up to offer an “individual-centric” real-time data hub in the Cloud that allows companies to gain in accuracy and speed as they recognize and engage with unique individuals across every one of their brands’ many touch points, integrating display ads, websites, mobile apps, e-commerce funnels, discussions with store clerks, point-of-sale receipts, phone conversations with service professionals, email newsletters, social media, and loyalty programs.

“Targeting online advertising audience segments is one thing; ensuring a given individual is consistently recognized and addressed onsite, offsite, in-store, at home and on the go, every time, in just milliseconds, is another,” says Florent Thomann, a Creadev Director. Also according to Thomann: “We believe Ysance’s distinctive Cloud data hub will become essential to companies who wish to entrust their digital transformation to a custom business Cloud built with best-of-breed technologies.”

“Creadev has demonstrated its ability to foster industry leaders in the past. More than an investor, it is a long-term strategic partner,” explains Laurent Letourmy, CEO of Ysance. “We will benefit from Creadev’s experience, the richness of its ecosystem and its presence on several continents, while retaining the autonomy and agility to create disruptive change in our market,” adds Letourmy.

For further information or requests for interviews, please contact:

Press Contact for Ysance:
Agence Fargo – Yaëlle Besnainou – +33 1 44 82 66 75 – ybesnainou@agencefargo.com

Press contact for Creadev:
Kablé Communication Finance – Catherine Kablé – +33 1 44 50 54 75 / +33 6 82 25 73 85 – catherine.kable@kable-cf.com

About the Digital Data Factory
Launched early 2014 in SaaS mode, Ysance’s Digital Data Factory is an innovative first-party DMP (Data Management Platform). The service allows users to collect, organize, reconcile and analyze online and offline individual-level consumer behavior in order to increase their knowledge of customers, and design personalized and unique experiences for end-users. The Digital Data Factory was designed to be open and connected, meaning it can easily be enriched with third-party data solutions. Already deployed globally, the platform is aimed at any company seeking to consistently engage its prospects and customers, including online retailers, press and media outlets, banks and insurers, large retail chains, and more.
More information at digital-datafactory.com/en

About Ysance
Created in 2005 by a team of IT experts, Ysance is a French leader in Cloud and Big Data consulting and the provider of an innovative first-party data management platform (DMP). It has 110 employees. Ysance supports its customers’ digital transformation by leading the design, implementation and operation of their bespoke Cloud platforms composed of best-of-breed solutions and technologies. Its activities are organized around seven core businesses: Marketing, Business Intelligence, Data Management, E-Commerce, CRM, Cloud Computing and Big Data.
More information at Ysance.com and blog.ysance.com
Twitter: @ysance

About Creadev
Creadev is a private equity firm created in 2002 and controlled by the Mulliez family, with offices in Paris and Shanghai. Today, Creadev accompanies ten businesses that together employ over 70,000 individuals worldwide. The company is widely recognized for its long-term commitments and meaningful investments. Creadev focuses its investments on people and ideas that advance human development and address the major issues facing our societies: health & wellness, professional training, sustainable development, customer relations – especially where these take shape in the digital world.
For more information, please visit: Creadev.fr/en and Creadev-lelab.fr
Twitter: @creadev_lab

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