blackfire-secondary-square-200-sitewebThe 2014 edition of ubi i/o began almost a year ago, looking back on this incredible human adventure we’ve managed to accomplish a lot and our alumni pool has achieved incredible milestones in their U.S. development endeavors. 6 out of our 8 startups who participated in the 2014 edition are now settled in the U.S.
The highly anticipated jury selection is indeed nerve-racking and often disappointing for applicants as the competition among French startups is becoming more and more cutthroat. The selection has been tough for our jury, as quality was a constant among our candidates. The result is a group of 8 very diverse startups, which promises to our mentors, our partners, and you, 10 very interesting and exciting weeks!
We can’t make you wait any longer! We’re thrilled to announce the 8 French startups that will rock Silicon Valley this spring, beginning April 27th:

offers a revolutionary online platform enabling anyone to make interactive videos. Enrich your Educational, Advertising, Media and Corporate videos with clickable contents to boost audience engagement and monetization by providing the right information at the right time within your videos.
2Evercontact is the flagship product of Kwaga , an up-and-coming French startup launched in 2009. Evercontact is the cloud solution that saves you time by automatically creating & continually updating your address book for Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce and more.
3GIROPTIC specializes in 360° imaging technology and has developed and patented a unique real-time image fusion process from multiple sensors. GIROPTIC paves the way to a new 360° era for consumers and professionals, where photos and videos won’t be limited to a single frame.

 is the first self-driven flying camera, which follows and frames you autonomously, enabling everyone to shoot Hollywood style videos using only a smart phone and HEXO+ solution. HEXO+ is unique in the way it allows users to set a frame and lets the smartphone pilot the hexacopter carrying an action cam. HEXO+ has recently been rewarded 3 times at the CES (Best Innovation, iOS App and drone) and at won the ISPO Brandnew award for accessories.

5Jarvis Legal
 : Insanely easy legal practice management. With Jarvis, lawyers can draft and share documents, manage cases and clients, track their time and edit bills. They stay focused on their expertise as Jarvis pulls data and content from the documents and puts clients, cases, bills and much more together automatically. Lawyers stop wasting valuable time and start speaking with their clients, jurisdictions and colleagues again.

provides apps security solutions for Smartphones, tablets and IoT devices. Its apps behavioral analysis engine Trust Revealing™ is able to reveal all actions performed without the user’s knowledge by a mobile app: retrieval of private / professional data, phone tapping, etc.

 is a PHP profiler that helps companies to quickly and easily improve the quality of their applications and the overall performance of their business by providing developers innovative visualization solutions and application analysis tools. Distributed in SaaS and deployable in minutes, Blackfire is available to meet the needs of all developers.
8Tellmeplus delivers a platform for predictive and prescriptive analytics. After inventing Business Objects®, TellMePlus introduces a new cocktail of Predictive and Prescriptive Objects® to deliver actionable Next Best Actions®. By analyzing the data of a company, enriching it with exogenous information provided by its platform and interpreting Weak signals, TellMePlus is able to rebuild the sequence of the customer experience in order to produce forecasts of the customer behavior.

Congratulation to you!  We wish you best of luck, and know that San Francisco is waiting for you!

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