A fresh landing in Silicon Valley for our startups yesterday! We started things off with an informal breakfast chat with Mathieu Lhoumeau, CEO @Contractlive who shared with us some of his insights, advices and anecdotes from his 2014 ubi i/o experience. Mathieu discussed with our participating startups how much ubi i/o has helped him adapt his mindset in order to be successful here in the United States. If we had to sum it up, here is what you have to keep in mind to make the most of ubi i/o:

  • Be ambitious. “Our goal: To become the Salesforce of contracts”
  • Be ready for every single event: “ There will be VCs in the audience at each event”
  • Adapt to the American rhythm. “ Here, you can hire people within days”

Long story short :
The day went on with a lunchtime workshop: How to Ace Your Business Meetings with Julien Boubel, Sales Manager @LinkedIn, and Kevin Fishner, Director of Sales & Marketing at HashiCorp as guest speakers. They explained to our startups what they expected from a business meeting and how they approached the sales process. Once again, it is mostly about the cultural differences. You have to assimilate the Valley’s culture before heading to any business meetings here.

  • Prepare your meetings! Your prospects shouldn’t have to introduce themselves. Pushing things further: “You should have identified your prospect’s pain points before meeting with them” – Julien Boubel
  • Time management is critical: “ Short and thorough meetings are more powerful” – Kevin Fishner


  • While meeting someone in Silicon Valley, you’re not seen as a startup. You’re seen as a company offering a solution to a problem. “It’s not a challenge of size, it’s a challenge of pitch”– Julien Boubel
  • According to Kevin, “ You have to be ready to reorder your timeline, if the client pays for it” but “Don’t oversale your product. Be honest on what it can do and emphasize on what it will be in 6 months

At last, you must know that all the points you need to adapt to are all for the best.
Alongside all the valuable information and insights our participants received, they got the chance to meet and connect with our positioning & pitching coaches Page Alloo & Laura Elmore in order to tailor their presentations and get ready for all the upcoming events and business meetings.
This intense and comprehensive first day ended with a networking night which gathered our startups, entrepreneurs and US investors.
That’s already a lot, and it’s just the beginning!
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