For the 3rd consecutive year, Business France is proud to organize the French Tech Pavilion at the 2016 CES, where France based startups will showcase their innovation.
Earlier this year, the third-annual CES Unveiled Paris took place at Pavilion Cambon-Capucines. The sold-out invite-only event was the largest CES Unveiled event abroad to date. It brought together 53 innovative tech companies and more than 500 attendees, including top press outlets, buyers, industry analysts and key tech influencers. How to explain the success of this event? The performance of La French Tech at CES 2015 of course!

“France Is Absolutely Crushing It at CES”

– Jason O. Gilbert, Technology Editor, Yahoo Inc. January 2015

In a few words, that was France at CES 2015 :

  • 160 companies,
  • the 1st European delegation
  • 23 CES awards

This success was partly due to the high caliber startups selected by Business France to be part of the French Pavilion, a special showcase gathering the finest of French Tech. And guess what? The rooster will be back in 2016!

  • 210 companies
  • The 2nd Worldwide delegation
  • 185 startups

Among them, more than 130 companies applied to be part of CES 2016 French Tech Pavilion. Here’s the list of the 22 who were selected!


The rooster is back in 2016! Here are the startups



3D Sound One is the world’s first smart 3D audio Headphones.
It allows 3D Audio experience with movies, video games, music and, for the first time, with virtual reality experiences. By tracking the head’s position in real-time, you can fully immerse yourself.


D-Vine, is a wine tasting device that lets you enjoy wine by the glass in the perfect conditions of temperature and decantation, in less than a minute. The data for each of our wine is contained on a microchip (RFID) embedded on our 10cl wine flacons. The microchip also gives access to videos of the wine maker (partners of ours) and the advice of oenologists on wine pairing.

air serenity

Air Serenity – Breathe Better, LiV Better! The LiV device, thanks to Air Serenity’s patented technology, purifies the air through a breakthrough process. Now particulate matter, allergens, VOCs, bad smells, etc. are all captured and firmly stored into a cartridge. The device is connected and allows you to control and monitor in real-time the quality of your air and also gives you advices on further improving it.


The BW1.1 protects your family and lights up your house with just the right amount of ingenuity, technology, ergonomics and design to turn a simple bulb LED into your guardian for domestic fire prevention with notifications on your smartphone. In short is has a very low energy consumption, is WIFI enabled and integrates a smoke detector.


Bixi is the world’s first ultra-portable, fully contact-less gesture-control device for smart objects. Compact, light and robust, this innovation allows users to interact with their devices (smartphones, tablets, room lights, action cameras, etc.) intuitively even when their hands are occupied or covered.

blue frogs

“Co-founded by robotics pioneer Rodolphe Hasselvander, BLUE FROG ROBOTICS developed BUDDY, the revolutionary robot companion accessible to everyone. BUDDY improves your everyday life by protecting your home, entertaining the family and helping you stay connected with the ones you love. “


C-way is an innovative startup that aims at revolutionizing the connected world for kids (3 to 10-year-olds). Our smart and scalable connected devices give practical and joyful answers to kids’ growth and autonomy.

design screen

The only projection screen in the world that folds away behind your customized picture frame, for your Livingroom or your meeting room at work. Our screens are the only ones in the world to open out like triptych and then fold away. Design Screens works with any video projector.


Drust is developing the technological platform for the connected car: thanks to our AKOLYT dongle, the drivers are connected through their smartphone to the heart of their car and to the automotive ecosystem. Whatever happens, (driving, maintenance, breakdown, etc.), AKOLYT gives you all the tips to be a SuperDriver!


EnerBee is a company developing a ground-breaking micro generator using the power of motion that aims to replace batteries in consumer and industrial smart objects.
The company aims to commercialize its first product by the end of 2016: a battery less and wireless dimmer for the mainstream market.


FeetMe provides smart inner soles that map foot pressure in real time. Initially targeting diabetic patients who lost sensation in their foot, FeetMe helps avoid ulcers that can lead to amputations. FeetMe is now expanding into athletics to give runners detailed information about their running motion in order to avoid injuries. Connect your smart soles via Bluetooth to any smart phone for real-time analytics on your movements.


FRANCECRAFT launches the first custom-made and versatile Electric Drivable Modules based on a unique industrial platform for innovation, opened to every talent. FRANCECRAFT opens up new perspectives thanks to its modular and digital platform where anyone can innovate and start his own activity. Electric Mobility is becoming an opportunity to turn your ideas into motion!


Immersit turns your couch into one that will enable you to physically feel everything that takes place on your screen. Immersit starts vibrating and moving based on the film you are watching or the game you are playing at and then immerses you right in the middle of the action. Imagine seeing timeless movies again and live the experience as if you were watching them for the first time. Imagine playing Call of Duty and feeling the helicopter’s engine rumbling underneath you and then tilting you off your couch when you are on the fly. Immersit take games and movies to the next level!


L-SEE has developed a disruptive solution to lose weight, so anyone can adapt his efforts to his metabolism, and eliminate useless privation.


Oombrella is a smart umbrella. It’s impossible to forget: you’ll get a “don’t forget me” notification if the forecast indicates a high chance of rain, or a “don’t leave me here” notification when you’re about to leave without it. Furthermore, it acts as personal portable weather station that shares real time data with the community.


Phonotonics develops smart musical objects. Our first product is a new way for everyone to make music: it is easy, personal and fun. It consists of a wearable and an app that turn movement into music. Phonotonic changes the way we make, listen and enjoy music.


Prizm is a music brain. It plays the perfect music on your speakers. Thanks to sensors and algorithms, Prizm identifies people in the room, and automatically adjusts music to their tastes. Prizm can also understand the context of the room (are you partying with your friends or having a romantic date?) to adapt the music. You no longer need a smartphone or a computer: just press one button and start enjoying the perfect music.

Qarnot heats people for free thanks to computers. they have designed the Q.rad, the first computing heater using microprocessors as a heat source. Present in every room and embedding more than 20 sensors, the Q.rads also makes buildings smart. This alternative solution addresses forthcoming challenges related to global digital growth with radical energy savings.


After 5 years of R&D, ROMY Paris has unveiled FIGURE, its connected skincare formulator, able to create instantly at home, the right dose of ultra- personalized face care. New cosmetic brand Made in France, ROMY Paris marks a breakthrough in the luxury cosmetics market.


Sensorwake conceives, develops and commercializes an innovative smell-based alarm clock, you can now be happy to wake up and enjoy mornings.


Never lose the cuddly toy! Oliba looks after the cuddly toy for you and helps you locate it with the Oliba app. Turn every bedtime into a magical moment! At night, Oliba teams up with teddy bear to soothe kids to sleep, reassuring them through the night with lullabies and stories (Oliba library).


Sevenhugs is building the world’s first contextual remote with a touch screen that automatically adapts according to what the user points to, allowing anyone at home to control multiple connected devices with a touch of a finger.

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