Seems like it was yesterday that we welcomed ubi i/o’s 2015 batch, since then, a lot has happened. Tallying over $50M in total funding, our 16 alumni are growing rapidly. Over 150+ sales contracts have been signed between our startups & American corporations while 88% of our graduates are now well established in the U.S.

After a tough selection process with plenty of highly qualified applicants, it’s now time to announce the 2016 ubi i/o lineup! This third edition is a special one as we are opening our New York City campus where we’ll be incubating 8 startups while the San Francisco quarters will be hosting 10.

The program starts right now with a bootcamp in Paris aiming to prepare the startups before their arrival to the U.S. Throughout ubi i/o’s 10 weeks, these 18 entrepreneurs will benefit from an intense program where they will be participating in workshops, pitch sessions, networking events, mentoring sessions, conferences, business meetings with potential clients, partners & more.

Ladies & gentlemen, we won’t make you wait any longer, here’s the lineup for ubi i/o 2016:


San Francisco




Akeneo is an open source Product Information Management (PIM) system designed for retailers looking for efficient answers to their multichannel needs. Akeneo users gain productivity, efficiency, time and money in handling their product information & distribution, and are able to rapidly consider and open new business channels.


BulldozAIR is a visual task management solution that facilitates collaboration between technical teams working on the site and the office. Their multi-platform app helps reduce risks and improve project performance by providing visual task management, traceability and automatically generated reports.


Codingame is a learning and training platform that turns coding into games. By being part of the community, coders can learn new algorithms, languages and technologies. More than 300,000 coders have joined them to spread the word that coding is fun!


FAMOCO has launched a breakthrough NFC reader called the FX100+. It is the first professional and dedicated NFC device based on the Android OS and managed remotely through the built-in device management suite. FAMOCO offers a turnkey solution for large scale deployments: devices are affordable, delivered ready-to-go and require no further configuration. Today 30,000 devices are deployed in over 25 countries.

Lima copie

Lima disrupts the way computers work. They believe it’s time for your devices to work as a group & no longer as independent tools. That’s why they’re building the first cross-device operating system. In today’s multi-device world, switching from one device to another is extremely painful. Your smartphone, tablet and computer don’t have the same files & your apps don’t bring you a continuous experience across all platforms. Their goal is to fix this by creating a product that makes sure you have the same files whatever device you’re on.

OpenIO Logo Red RGB

OpenIO is a French startup that provides an open source software object store for large scale digital storage infrastructures. Created in 2015 by a team of engineers, the technology has been developed over the past 10 years and has been deployed at massive scale for large french customers.


Qowisio is a pioneer IoT network operator.  They radically simplify and reduce the cost of design, connectivity and mobile application development for IoT devices. Their ambition is to accelerate the release of billions of devices around the world.


Based in Paris and San Francisco, Redbird develops an advanced cloud-based platform to process drone-acquired data at scale. By providing high-resolution industrial data, Redbird optimizes resources, ensures safety and saves costs on construction sites, mines and quarries. Redbird has partnered with Caterpillar to improve day-to-day operations for Caterpillar’s dealers and clients.

Logo Sevenhugs

Sevenhugs is a French tech startup, whose goal is to improve the smart home user experience for the whole family. After raising €1.5 million in March 2015, Sevenhugs launched hugOne: the first sleep tracker for the families. At the 2016 CES, they revealed the Smart Remote, a unique universal remote where the touchscreen automatically adapts to the device you point to. No more app, no more menu, you just have to point, and control. Intuitive!

logo ysance RVB rectangle sans BL_normal_big

Created in 2005 by a team of IT experts, Ysance provides an innovative first-party data management platform (DMP). With its 110 employees, Ysance supports its customers’ digital transformation by leading the design, implementation and operation of their bespoke Marketing Cloud platforms composed of best-of-breed solutions and technologies.


New York


Founded in 2009 and with 5 offices around the world, AB Tasty is an established SaaS-provider offering a one-stop platform composed of a range of features built to increase conversion rates through AB -and multivariate- testing, personalization, user-engagement and marketing automation on desktop and mobile devices. The solution helps marketers identify, assess and implement changes to the customer journey in order to deliver a better and more effective user experience.


Botify is a SaaS platform which provides search marketers with data and intelligence to optimize their sites and adjust their structure to increase organic, social and mobile traffic. Founded in 2012, the company is proud to work with more than 300 customers spanning 30 countries and ranging from SMBs to global enterprise customers in various sectors, including e-travel (Expedia, Odigeo group, Agoda, BlaBlaCar), e-commerce (Farfetch, Lazada/Rocket Internet, Decathlon), media (Axel Springer, Refinery29, Webedia, Wikia, Time Inc.), lead generation (eBay, RetailMeNot, Yellow Pages), and digital agencies (Digitas, iProspect).

logo C-radar

C-Radar is a predictive SaaS marketing platform for B2B marketing and sales teams. It is based on accurate and up to date data issued from official sources, websites, social networks and media, and the use of data science. It allows you to score existing prospects, identify new ones, analyze your market or installed base and follow your customers, prospects, competitors and partners.

ITrust logo

As a cybersecurity expert firm, ITrust offers innovative solutions based on cutting edge technologies, with the best available rates and perfectly tailored to risks levels within an enterprise. ITrust’s latest product, Reveelium, is a behavioral analysis engine that detects deviant behavior, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other unknown viruses through upstream analysis in the IT system.


The technology developed by Onoff allows users to instantly generate and use multiple mobile phone numbers on one smartphone. This cloud-based virtual smartphone app works from any location on any device, and creates a new way to use their means of communications. Users can now easily own multiple lines dedicated to their professional activities, online shopping, dating, and any other aspect of their busy lives.


S4M (Success for Mobile) is an innovative advertising technology company transforming mobile ads into genuine personalized content for each individual user. Their mobile-native technology platform revolutionizes end-user experiences for media agencies and advertisers. They provide programmatic expertise and a media buying platform with full transparency from ad impressions to conversions in both mobile browsers and applications.


Tilkee is an innovative Saas solution for business proposal follow-ups & sales process tracking. It allows you to structure your commercial bids, send them to your prospects and get detailed statistics on their reading behavior. No more time wasted on useless follow-ups. Qualify your prospects by understanding their purchasing intentions: you will discover who, how, when, and where your commercial bids are read. Focus your efforts on clients that are really interested in your products and services.

logo vidcoin-long

Vidcoin offers smart video advertising in mobile apps. They preload HD quality videos in 100% user initiated in-app inventory. Their videos launch instantaneously and always on the user’s terms; delivering the right message at just the right moment.


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