The Impact team is excited to share with you an awesome piece of news we received today from one of our 2015 alumni: Evercontact is being acquired by One More Company (maker of Senders).
It’s a real success story for the Paris-based contact syncing startup, Evercontact, who arrived in the U.S. 1.5 years ago, right after raising $1M with AXA Strategic Ventures, to take part in the 2015 edition of Impact with the dream of conquering the world.
The Impact program allowed Evercontact to be totally immersed in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Week after week Philippe Laval, CEO at Evercontact, was getting better and better on his pitch and that’s how he won the World Cup Tech Challenge right after being featured on one of Guy Kawasaki‘s webinars. After the 10-week program, Evercontact decided to open an office in San Francisco and to recruit a marketing team here in order to launch a new much more powerful version of Evercontact,  with the ambition of building a worldwide database of professional contacts.
1 year later, here we are! For Florian Seroussi, CEO of One More Company:
“This acquisition brings together two highly innovative email intelligence companies that will boost the growth of current products while also streamlining future innovation. Ultimately, the combination of the two companies will be a boon to users of both Senders and Evercontact.” 
“Blending Evercontact’s expertise in email information extraction and contact/CRM syncing with OMC’s expertise in email productivity and intelligence will enable over 100,000 users to share in faster innovation of current products, future products and general advancements in email technology.”
“Together, this is a natural fit as it will help our two companies to innovate more rapidly and to serve individuals and businesses with better services and solutions.”
A big congrats to Philippe Laval and his team @Evercontact for what they have accomplished!

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