Impact’s first week was very busy as some of our entrepreneurs found themselves immersed in the American business culture for the very first time. Schedules were filled with workshops, business meetings and mentoring sessions, making it difficult to catch a breather. Conquering the U.S. market takes a concentrated effort, and the 2018 batch is ready to face this challenge head on. Check out this first week’s highlights!



Fasten your seatbelts as we prepare for landing

Under the watchful eye of our communication coach Stacee Mandeville, Impact USA selectees undertook the task of defining and perfecting their pitch, a pivotal skill to master in order to succeed in the U.S. Another objective during the first day was to give an overview of the U.S. ecosystem in terms of business culture & networking. Matt Lhoumeau, CEO of Concord & Christophe Ménard, COO of Sublime Skinz came to share their experiences with our founders, advising them on pitfalls to avoid and best practices to get off to a good start.



The art of pitching: a vital skill for every entrepreneur

Following Stacee’s coaching, our founders had the opportunity to pitch for the very first time during the opening nights in San Francisco and New York. During this evening, our companies had the chance to meet and network with the audience composed of Impact USA’s alumni, mentors, partners & sponsors. Thanks to all those who attended the opening nights, we are grateful for your continued support.

The first week was also an opportunity for some of our startups to pitch at local events. We are proud of Gabrielle Chou, CEO of Allure Systems, who won the OnePitch competition in San Francisco!


Intellectual Property 101

Orrick, our longstanding partner and legal sponsor took the time to send in their IP experts to brief our cohorts about the different ways startups can protect not only their innovative technologies but also their brands and trademarks. Navigating U.S. laws is no easy exercise, especially for foreign founders.



Networking: the key to success

Networking is much more than collecting business cards during events; it’s the art of building long lasting & valuable relationships within your local ecosystem. Through their stories and experiences, Mat Kaliski, Mike MacCombie, and Clement Perrot gave our cohorts some practical tips and actionable advice on how to successfully build a valuable network.


Acing your business meeting is critical

The goal of this workshop was to review the timeline of a business meeting. When does a business meeting actually start? Before you know it. Preparing all facets of a first meeting with a prospect takes diligence & attention to detail. Knowing your prospect’s business, competitors, buyer persona, pain points and opportunities are aspects that you should have in mind. Thanks to George Jeng, Anthony Marnell and Olivier Veyrac for sharing your knowledge with us.





Fundraising in the U.S.

On Friday April 20th, Romain Serman, Director of Bpifrance visited the Business France offices to give our cohort an overview of the fundraising landscape in Silicon Valley. Breaking down the world of VCs and their LPs brought yet another perspective to our CEOs. While our founders may be familiar with French venture capitalists, it’s a totally different ball game in the U.S.



Establishing your business abroad, a long road ahead

Many questions arise when entrepreneurs from overseas think about establishing their business abroad. Where? When? What team? French or native employees? Our longtime partner Pramex took the time to answer all these questions during a workshop dedicated to this topic.

Despite the jet lag, cultural differences and busy schedules, San Francisco’s and NYC’s cohorts are off to a strong start after the first week of Impact USA. Stay tuned and watch our startups grow during this 10-week journey!
The #ImpactUSA2018 Team

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