Going global is one of the most decisive choices founders may face in order to grow their business. Figuring out the right strategy and the right timing are crucial conditions for success but are ultimately dependant on the market you choose for your expansion. If you have your eyes set on North America as your potential new playing field for growth, here are 3 reasons you should seriously consider expanding in Canada.

1/ Canada’s north american business culture

Canada’s economy is thriving. Nearly every European country would envy the growth rate they have maintained over the last decade. This continued growth is rooted in a very strong pro-business culture and its strategic location near the US which receives 80% of Canada’s exports. Most of the biggest American firms have a strong foothold in Canada too. Expanding in Canada will give you access to a pool of wealthy consumer or business clients. It will also educate you on the North American business practices that require and reward discipline and problem-solving abilities. Icing on the cake : Canada is the home of some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Great talents are available at a lower cost that you would find in the US. You will very likely pay less taxes too.

2/ Canada’s open mindedness and innovation culture

Canada’s economic prosperity does not solely rely on energy and its close relationship with the US. Innovation is also a big part of their identity. Canada has developed an expertise on strategic disruptive sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum computing and Cybersecurity. The rest of the world has taken notice and you should too. Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, just to name a few, have been making significant investments in Montreal and other Canadian cities in the past few months to foster their research in Artificial Intelligence. As a tech startup, expanding in Canada is also an opportunity to benefit from this fast-growing community of researchers and entrepreneurs to build state of the art technological products. And you will not have to worry about feeling welcomed. Canadians’ hospitality for foreign entrepreneurs may be at its peak since True North program, created in Jan’17, aims to situate foreign-born workers in the US in Canada after Trump’s administration executive order that changed the H-1B work visa program. The US are limiting overseas talent, Canada welcomes them. This open mindedness on diversity is a core aspect of the Canadian society which occurs also in business.

3/ Canada is the ideal bridge to the US and the ideal platform to enhance your marketing strategy before spreading worldwide

The Canadian market is relatively small but cracking it will open you the door of the US. Because they share the same business culture and because of the heavy presence of American firms, gaining traction in Canada will drastically facilitate your expansion in the US when the right time comes. The curiosity of Canadian firms makes lead generation for B2B startups easier than it is in the US in saturated industries. But you should not be mistaken : closing deals will be just as difficult and your value proposition will have to be extremely refined in order to obtain success. This combination of openness to exchange and strong requirements to do business makes Canada the ideal platform to reshape your positioning and your marketing strategy. In Canada, you will find the tools, the talent and mindset to put your business on track to reach its full potential.


Canada is the lab you need to operate the transition between your European and North American operations. It is not the easy market many people imagine but it will offer you the ideal conditions to achieve the marketing and strategic shifts you need to enter the North American market. Experiencing the canadian market will lead you to discover news way of processing your business development, sales and marketing to move up your performance.
Let’s make it happen !
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