You have created a company with an idea – a great idea – and you can’t wait to get in a room with hungry investors. But having a great idea is not enough – you must know how to get your ideas across and convince an audience to invest in you. Storytelling is crucial in order to ace your pitch, allowing you to attract the attention of your audience from the beginning. Structure is also just as important: start with a problem, present a solution, how you got to the solution and finally, conclude with why your solution is important
Solidifying your pitch is a combination of thoughtful planning and preparation, so take some time now to get ready! Below, you will find a guide on how to construct your pitch deck. The order of these slides is not compulsory. You can place them in the order that suit best to your company’s storytelling.
Here’s how to nail it!

We know that public speaking is not the easiest thing to do, especially when your funding is at stake in order to ensure your company’s growth. Once your deck is ready, you should practice your pitch. As we always tell our entrepreneurs at Impact USA, preparation is key and practice makes it perfect! So put your hands to work, rehearse, film yourself pitching and ask benevolent (BUT straightforward) people to  provide feedback. Here’s some advice to perfect your presentation skills!

Last, but arguably not the least, listen once you’re done pitching you should. Don’t be get  wired to your talking points that you turn into a “robot spewing” forth canned lines. It’s a business meeting, not a presentation. It needs to be dynamic and if you did good, your audience will have questions.

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