How To Implement An Effective Marketing Automation Strategy 101

How To Implement It

Ok, now that we have covered the basics, how do we get this thing up and running? Here is a comprehensive guide of the first steps you should take to implement marketing automation in your company.

  1. Map Out the Typical Buyer Journey

First, segment your customers depending on behavior patterns, interests, demographics and any other criteria that may be relevant to your business. Get into the mindset of your buyers and visualize the decision making process they take on your website or receiving your emails.
Once it’s done, define your funnel accordingly. It should be as precise as possible, as this will be the baseline of your analytics and how you will measure the impact of your actions.
2. Choose The Right Tool
Once you have clearly defined your buyer personas and journeys they tend to follow, you can go ahead and invest in a proper marketing automation solution. There are plenty of players out there, so take your time, as the right tools can make the difference between success and mediocrity. As you take a decision, bear in mind the three critical dimensions you will want to leverage:

  • Email marketing (Track delivery & engagement)
  • Landing pages
  • Social media

Landing page: itis a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad or one of your marketing emails’ links.
We are in a multichannel world, so simple emailing just doesn’t cut it anymore. You will want a solution that will be able to handle several channel or that will integrate well with others that will.
Last but not least, your marketing automation platform also needs to integrate with your CRM to close the loop between sales and marketing and present a unified vision of your customer.
3. Make Your Marketing and Sales Team Work Together
Sales and marketing must collaborate and be aligned at every step in the process. Also they should be aiming at the same goals. Although they will look at the same funnel, they won’t focus on the same steps.
You should hire two people to monitor this, as the friction from the top & bottom of your funnel will help emulate creativity and challenge every decision:

  • One  for marketing operations & automation: this will be a technical profile, good at integrating systems like salesforce, reporting, etc…
  • One for acquisition: a performance marketer that will looks at leads, their number and cost and will focus on pipeline acquisition

Sales and marketing should look at the funnel every week and work together in real time.
3. Measure success
Marketing automation works well when it is performance-driven and conversion-centric. All your KPIs should measure one of the two goals for every successful user flow:

  • To keep prospects moving through the conversion funnel
  • To minimize churn at each funnel stage

For example, knowing how long it takes to get a lead to move to an opportunity and how long it takes for that opportunity to close is important. Besides, make all metrics based on accounts, not on leads. Meaning don’t measure traffic if it doesn’t give you acquisition.
4. Iterate!
Marketing automation is all about data-driven solutions. So instead of planning an ambitious strategy straight ahead, you should start small, then measure and learn.
Baby steps and A/B testing are most reliable to iterate on each touch point with your customer and fine-tune the perfect, friction-less journey from hearing about your brand to purchasing your product.
A/B testing: itis a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B. It includes application of statistical hypothesis testing or “two-sample hypothesis testing” as used in the field of statistics

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