French Tech Tour is a program created by Business France and BPI France to launch both visionary and ready-to-scale startups. The 19 hand-picked companies have a clear objective: validate their roadmap in North America and get ready to launch on this market within the next 12 to 18 months.

Our 12th edition, running from October 9th until October 19th, counts 2 different tracks; one in the US welcoming twelve companies, one in Canada counting 7 participants. The North American landscape is usually more risk-tolerant when it comes to new technologies, providing a promising opportunity for start-ups to receive feedback from this competitive market.

How does it work?


1- Beforehand

After being selected to participate to the program, the start-up work with Business France on its positioning, target identification, and marketing strategy. This mandatory step helps the contestant to be prepared and efficient once in front of key stakeholders.

Each start-up also benefits from coaching, pitch training, workshops, personalized business meetings and suited networking.

2 – Onsight
The companies selected for the US track split their time between New York and San Francisco, whilst the Canadian tour stops in Toronto and Montreal. Both tracks last 10 days.

Join us on the road to the US and meet the 19 selected companies for this new edition!

US companies:

  • Agorize is an online innovation challenge platform that accelerates the transformation of companies and talent.
  • AntVoice allows companies to target online users during their purchase phase with fully personalized and optimized ad recommendations, thanks to AI and machine learning technology.
  • Caléa produces innovative technology in the mobile texting sector and their messaging solution, Mood Messenger, is already being used by more than 5 million users.
  • DataDome is a SaaS cybersecurity technology dedicated to protecting websites and apps against robot traffic.
  • GitGuardian is a cybersecurity startup dedicated to preventing sensitive cloud data leaks.
  • Keralia has a high expertise in helping companies in their digital transformation. The company developed an innovative application dedicated to R&D management.
  • Linxo is a financial mobile assistant and a payment card allowing you to share payments in real time.
  • Perfect Memory is a software publisher disrupting the digital and media asset management space. They gather, interpret and transform data and content into insightful resources for marketing and operational departments.
  • Quable is an innovative Product Information Management SaaS solution that allows brands and distributors to organise and enrich marketing data.
  • ICA created a pricing and risk calculation system that is accessible as a SaaS or by technological integration.
  • Tryane helps companies in their digital transformation by providing ROI on internal communication campaigns and measuring employee engagement.
  • Wuha provides a technology allowing employees to search for & display internal and external documents in the usual interface of the Google search engine.

Canadian companies:

  • Ayno stimulates intrapreneurship and innovation with its platform valorizing social collaboration and voluntarism.
  • Dazzl.Tv changes the way broadcasters obtain, treat and stream video content thanks to mobile users from all over the world.
  • Easilys provides an all in one tool for restaurants to manage production costs, reduce administrative tasks and improve supply chain digitalization.
  • GEO4CAST is specialized in continuous and real time geolocated big data collection and processing.
  • Mushin enhances communication & creativity within design teams thanks to a visual and collaborative platform.
  • Sesamm processes data from social media channels, blogs and various sources from the Internet in order to forecast trends for investment companies.
  • Viewpay is an advertisement payment solution that provides the choice for users to watch a video instead of paying for the content they want to access.

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