Is Impact USA happening in 2020?

YES it is !

Regarding the unusual circumstances around the Europe travel ban and COVID-19, we’re sorry to announce that the IMPACT USA program, originally scheduled for May in NYC, will be postponed to the second semester.

As it stands currently, we intend to host it around September/October, when the situation is better for everyone.

We will keep you updated as things progress, and we hope to have you onboard again with us later this year.

IMPACT USA is just taking a rain check but will be back soon!

In the meantine, take care of yourself and your beloved ones.


Why Participate in Impact USA?

If you are a french tech company, willing to launch & scale operations in the North American market, you should apply!  

When launching in North America, most companies waste a significant amount of time and money designing the right go-to-market strategy, getting familiar with their new ecosystem, getting market feedback and setting up their organization. 

With the support of its local network, experience and knowledge, the Impact team gives you the method to successfully scale in North America while limiting your risks. 

What is Impact USA exactly?

Impact USA is the four-step-method for french tech companies to scale in North America. The method tackles the challenges that most companies face when entering the market:  

  • Competition 
  • Cost 
  • The need of sophisticated sales and marketing processes 
  • A limited personal network 

Our method enables you to: 

  • Ramp up and improve your skills as a CEO with local experts 
  • Build up your network 
  • Validate your roadmap 
  • Lower risks and costs 

The four-step-method includes: 

  • 1/ Learn & connect – Collective sessions  
  • 2/ Deep dive – 1:1 sessions with experts 
  • 3/ Take-off – Business Development  
  • 4/ Set-up – Introductions to relevant third parties
When does Impact USA take place?

Here are all the dates you need to be aware of for Impact Fall 2019 : 

  • July 7th : End of Applications 
  • September 5th : Bootcamp, in Paris 
  • September 30th – October 11th : Learn & Connect, 2 weeks of collective sessions in the US 
  • October 14th – 18th: Deep Dive, 1 week of 1-1 mentoring feedbacks in the US 
  • From October 21st: Start of Take-Off, 2 week – in the US (flexible dates) 
I’ve heard the new Impact USA is different from the previous one, how so?

As we have been continuously growing and listening to our clients, we have decided to change a few things to be aligned with the expectations of our customers: 

  • The period on site is now shorter: 2 to 5 weeks in North America. Still, companies will be attending the same amount of sessions (+30)  
  • The content and the time spent onsite depend on the maturity of the company. Founders can attend the “learn and connect” session (two weeks) or go further, if they are ready.
How is Impact USA different from any other acceleration program?
  • Impact USA supports only French tech companies.  
  • Impact USA focuses on companies willing to launch and scale in the US. We do not focus on other markets. 
  • Impact USA does not take any equity in participating companies. 
  • Impact is the only program dedicating to its portfolio companies an in-house business development team, to generate business leads, finetune commercial pipeline and get market feedback.
Is the Impact method for you?

Impact USA is a 4-step-method. Depending on the maturity of your company, you can have access to different steps. We suggest the following:  

  • Seed/pre-series A founde(Implementation within 2 years): You want to learn from the best experts and quickly build a network in North America  
    • Start with “learn & connect” 
  • Post-Seed / Series A+ founder (Implementation within 1 year): You have traction in Europe, a product ready to sell in North America. You need a risk-free solution to ramp up quickly and validate your local go-to-market strategy. 
    • The “learn and connect”, “deep-dive” and the “take-off” phases will fit you 
  • Series A+ and B+ founder (Implementation within 6 months): You already have sophisticated sales & marketing processes in place. You need answers to your most pressing questions and to secure your first clients 
    • You are the perfect candidate for the whole program 
Can I apply to both locations in the US?

Yes, it is entirely doable! However, these two ecosystems are increasingly connected, each one has its own DNA, players and specific dynamics. The Impact team will be happy to share insights with you on this. 

Can I apply if our company or founders are not from France?

As a French government supported program, and because there are enough amazing tech startups in France, we only accept French incorporated companies. 

Can I reapply to the program?

Of course, you can, and you probably should! 

When and how to apply?

To participate to our Fall Edition of Impact USA, the deadline to submit your application is July 7th, 2019. The application form is available here. The application materials include: a questionnaire, a marketing presentation, a 2 min video. We also expect you to submit the official order form («bon de commande »). 

How will the participants be selected?

The participants will be selected depending on their maturity, the potential of their technology, their strategy to enter the US market, the management team, their references and their financial resources. 

Which of my team members should participate in the program?

Presence of a member of the executive team is a must: most often the CEO, but it can also be a co-founder – if his/her position in the company is directly linked to the execution of your strategy for the U.S. The person needs to be involved in the decision-making process. 

On the other hand, a specific member of the company (growth, marketing, sales) is welcome to come along the CEO to enhance the productivity of the collective sessions/workshops.

Do I have to be there for the entire onsite program?

Yes. We are committed to you and expect an equivalent commitment towards the program. We’ve found that this is the best way to make the most out of the numerous business, learning, networking and mentoring opportunities provided by Impact.

How much is it?

The application sign-up fee is 200 euros (tax not included) for one edition. The application deadline is March 18th. 
Learn and connect – 2 weeks = 11,000€ 
Deep-Dive – 1 week = 5,500€ 
Take-off – 2 weeks = 2,000€ + 500€/meeting 
Set up – 2 weeks = 1,500€ if bought stand-alone, offered otherwise. 

What financial responsibilities do participants have?

Participants are responsible for all personal costs not directly related to the program: transportation, housing, meals and external events.  
Flying desks in a coworking space for up to two team members is included.  

What are the resources made available with the workstation provided during the program?

Participants are responsible for all personal costs not directly related to the program: transportation, housing, meals and external events.  
Flying desks in a coworking space for up to two team members is included.  

Do you help with visa/immigration?

During the Impact program, we will provide you with information on immigration requirements. We work with recognized legal partners on this issue. 

Do I have to give Impact equity?

No. We do not take equity in return for the benefits of Impact. 

Are there any aids for funding Impact?

You may be eligible for financial aid from Bpifrance and we would be happy to put you in touch with the right representative.  
Certain French regional administrations may also help cover part of the cost. 

What if my company does not get selected?

We receive a high volume of applications and our jury selects the ones they believe will most benefit from the program, at the time being. We work with over 100 companies every year and should you not be selected for Impact USA, we are eager to discuss other options for potential collaborations.


Reach out, our recruitement team will get back to you within a day 

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